Apple and Banana benefits – Eat an apple a day and never go to the doctor

You can fill your stomach with such a donation of apples, which are delicious and delicious fruits full of nutrients in all respects. An example in English is famous that “An apple a day” or “keep the doctor away” means “don’t eat an apple a day and stay away from the doctor. An apple has unique and rich nutrition inside. Even if you eat the apple, it still puts pressure on the stomach.” It doesn’t have to. It has 59 calories per hundred grams. It is a natural page of nature full of nutrients, and its components also benefit the human body. For example, for people of all ages, phosphorus, calcium, and the essential ingredient of carbohydrates are included in apples. Therefore, apples should be a part of the diet of men, women, and children. Apple is a great blessing, especially for women. From the process of becoming a mother to after becoming a mother, there can be no other blessing than apples and apple juice. Apple juice is rich in sugar, so it is a tonic for the mentioned women because such women need education, phosphorus, and iron a lot, and magnesium and phosphorus are helpful in the formation of bones of the child. There are. Apart from iron, if the body is deficient in vitamin B, then anemia also occurs. This vital vitamin is present in abundance.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A in apples keeps the intestines moving and makes them active. A significant cause of eye diseases is the body’s lack of vitamin A.

Vitamin C Increases Appetite Vitamin C not only increases appetite but also stimulates the glands that play an essential role in the digestive system.

 Apple seeds are harmful; they should be removed and thrown away. These seeds contain cyanide, which produces a type of poisonous gas that reaches the body and combines with other nutrients to form hydrogen cyanide gas. The peel is rich in nutrients. Its peel contains fibrous components that retain water in the body and facilitate digestion. Apart from this, very delicious tea is also prepared from the peels of apples. Using lemon juice and honey proves to be suitable for those with a weak heart. Many medicines are made from the wood of the apple tree. Apple is a cure for many diseases, and its leaves and trees are also a medicine treasure. So far, 1500 varieties of apples have been discovered. It is a very ancient flower.

Apples are produced in most countries, especially in temperate climates, i.e., in areas where heat and cold are not too hot. Its annual trade in the world is close to five crores.

Kandahari apples are very famous here. They are lovely and delicious. Golden (yellow, golden colored) apples are also very popular. Apples in Pakistan are primarily produced in the area around Quetta. Apples of Kashmir and Swat are also very popular. Apple jam, apple kheer, apple jelly, apple halwa, and apple juice are functional and healthy foods and drinks.

 How valuable an apple is can be estimated from the fact that if you eat an apple in the morning and drink milk, then in a few days, your health will be desirable, your skin color will be bright, and your face will be red. All the physical weaknesses will be removed, and the body will be refreshed.

Banana has been used as medicine since ancient times

The history of this world fruit is ancient and exciting. Banana is mentioned in old Hindi, Sanskrit, Arabic, Chinese, Greek, and Roman literature. Banana or banana cultivation has been practiced in India since ancient times. It is like a hot and humid climate. It has been cultivated since ancient times in many countries of Africa, and its stems are also used for clothing in many countries. From India and East Africa, it reached the Arabs; through the Arabs, it reached Jerusalem, the Eastern Mediterranean, and Northern Egypt.

According to the experts, the banana is about one million. Its vast amount is exported to other countries from Africa, India, Central and South America, and West India. Therefore, it is found and eaten throughout the year. It is worth mentioning that the banana does not ripen whole on the tree but is removed from the tree, and these unripe bananas ripen slowly later. This is why this fruit is quickly sent to countries where it is not cultivated.

The hallmark of a good banana is that it is well-ripened, firm, yellowish, and free from black marks. In some species, it is also greenish. Raw and green bananas are just as nutritious as yellowed fruit. Carbohydrates in raw bananas are in the form of starch.

 The reason for the popularity and liking of bananas is their nutrients. Along with this, its deliciousness and taste are also refreshing. This is why dieticians consider bananas a complete food after milk. It contains vitamins A and B and an adequate amount of potassium. A single banana provides a quarter of the daily requirement of vitamin C, niacin, riboflavin, and thiamin for a breastfed baby. Bananas do not contain cholesterol at all. At the same time, the amount of sodium is meager. The highest amount of starch is found in it. It’s false that eating bananas will increase body fat, as a typical medium-sized banana contains only 85 calories (the same calories as an apple or an orange). Contains more calories.

According to modern medical research, the banana is a delicious fruit for patients with stomach and intestinal ulcers. Banana has been used by diarrhea patients for a long time and is very useful in preventing diarrhea. Doctors have found bananas to be very useful in many intestinal disorders. Bananas have only been used as medicine since ancient times, only in modern times. In ancient times, a banana was used as a medicine to treat measles and stomach ailments.

 Gonorrhea: Banana flower is beneficial for gonorrhea. Make stuff from the flower. Mix it and start feeding the patient one glass at a time. The patient should not eat anything that day. On the second day, only milk will surely benefit.

Infertility The pods on the top of the banana often fall off. Taking five or seven seeds of Shungi and feeding them to a barren woman on the third day of fasting will remove her barrenness in one or two months until the meaning is resolved. He should be fed for four to five days every month.

 Silan-ur-Ram Khand, cow ghee, and banana take one tablespoon each and dissolve them together. In this, cinnamon is one and a half tola, lodh one tola, flowers of Dhak, big ala bagi, each six Masha, South 8 Masha, Maz and Chal 3. Grind the mash finely and add it.

Eating two tolas in the morning and two in the evening is incredibly beneficial to the patient.

Mouth blisters: If blisters occur on the tongue, cooked bananas should be eaten in the morning with cow’s curd. Very useful.

Frequent urination: Eating cooked banana and amla leaf with two sugar Milla is beneficial. Saraya: A banana cooked in Saraya and Seylan Urham should be eaten for eight days six times.

Constipation: In case of constipation, boil raw banana and eat it.

In Hemorrhaged: Eating cooked pods with sugared milk is beneficial for nosebleeds.

 In Heart pain: Eating two deep bananas and one spoon of honey is very beneficial.

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