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Congenital patients should consume a simple diet

Evaporation in medical terms means the generation of vapors that reach another organ and cause adverse effects. A stomach called Body infection is located under the ribs on the left side. When full of food, it measures up to twelve inches in length and four inches in width.
The weight of an empty stomach is only four ounces, which we are worried about taking food. It is directed towards the spleen and liver, similar to the musk of water. Because of our appetite, the Almighty Creator has strengthened this structure. Its structure is complete with layers (layers) so that even the most challenging food can be easily digested.
This is the reason why some animals can digest large brick stones. The net is laid in the lower part and releases moisture in the mucous glands that penetrate its surface. Digestive gills whose digestive juices digest food. They are spread all over the stomach. Incredible Usage Of Lemon
Congenital patients should consume a simple diet. First of all, the digestion of food starts from the mouth. When a morsel of food enters the mouth, some components are softened and almost digested as they form a pellet with saliva. Its last part meets the stomach near the 10th vertebrae of the back. In a healthy state, food is digested in the stomach for three hours. But some things in our daily diet are so vital that the poor stomach cannot change their condition.

Undigested Food Problem.

After the stomach, six intestines, 27 feet long, form the esophagus. Nutrients circulate in the three small intestines, twenty-two feet long, and the bile and pancreatic secretions work with them to help digest undigested food. It has to be converted into a suitable form for excretion through the stool so that the waste is easily excreted from the body.
The correct functioning of the digestive system depends on the proper functioning of the stomach, intestines, pancreas, and nerves. If the food is digested in due time, there is no opportunity for evaporation. The abdomen is weak, gets scratched due to acidity, or its channel becomes narrow due to swelling, or food is heavy and digested slowly or due to weakness of muscle ends included in the stomach structure. Helpful and Amazing Tips for Constipation Relief
If they do not fully expand and contract, the movement of the stomach will decrease in these conditions, and digestion will be impaired. Due to the muscles’ weakness, the bowels’ direction will also be stopped. Due to the fault of the back and forth movements of the intestines, if the food stays in them for a long time, evaporation and constipation will occur.
If it remains in them for a long time, evaporation and constipation will occur. Too much meat also causes digestive problems, starchy foods like puri kachori, pastry cake, dal mash, etc. It causes indigestion.

Disadvantage of Water after meal.

Food is digested in the stomach, so adequate water should also be mixed. Doctors advise drinking water after 15 minutes of food because drinking water too soon weakens the gastric secretion. Indigestion can also occur due to trauma, extreme heat, and lack of exercise. Gastritis patients should avoid meat, high ghee (original and Vanaspati), and roasted and fried foods. Stay Hydrated, so What Can I Drink?
Milk, curd, egg, sourdough bread, seasonal fruits, and vegetables are compatible with meat. Evaporative heavy bodies and phlegmatic moods should be taken in black cumin seeds in the morning with one to three times of tea or fennel extract. After meals, jealous with water, and Marba Hallila Kalan with one or two tablets in case of constipation at bedtime.
Using five glasses with a bit of milk or fennel extract is useful. On the morning of a hot day, cumin was not whitened and given one to three times. After eating, the bark should be applied six times to relieve constipation. Use a couple of teaspoons of Almonds. Take a walk and do proper exercise to restore digestion.

Importance of Sleeping

Sleep is a blessing of Allah through which our tired body machinery gets a chance to rest and repair itself. It is observed daily that while working, humans and animals also feel sluggish in their organs and want to relax. The amount of sleep is not the same in terms of age and work. A one-year-old child and a six-year-old sleep for twelve hours. Those who work hard, nine to ten hours, and those who work mentally need eight hours of sleep. The amount of sleep of some people is also strange.
Among the billions of people on earth, some people spend 15 to 16 hours in sleep in 24 hours. Some people do not sleep more than four hours despite doing hard physical or mental work. The famous international leader and former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Syed Hussain Shaheed, counted among the tireless workers who used to sleep for only three to four hours.
In today’s busy life, people want to sleep as little as possible, but doctors do not allow less than eight hours of sleep. If a person is burdened with more responsibilities, he should rest more through sleep. Here we are that we want to make the night the day by successively consuming tea, coffee, and other intoxicants.
To spend part of the time in sleep, we are told that the heart, brain, and liver become weak due to being awake too much. Severe mental illnesses, illusions, and irritability are made in the mood, and weakness and physical stress become more and nearsighted. Is born A more awake American to the nylons lying on his floor.

Medical Research

The city of Talab was beginning to understand. According to medical research, the heart gets a little rest in the state of sleep because its movements become 60 times per minute instead of 75. The rest of the organs also move less, and the body gets cold instead of warm. Oxygen is less absorbed in the body, and we breathe twelve times instead of sixteen times per minute.
Due to less urine production, the kidneys also relax a little. The sweat glands work faster to eliminate body waste, and we start sweating profusely. As the blood flow to the brain decreases, it becomes cool and calm.
Due to the lack of sensations and messages reaching the brain through the five senses, i.e., eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin, also gets a little rest. Sometimes the blood continues to flow to the brain more and more, due to which the sleep is occasionally profound and sometimes disturbed. Sleep is deep from nine o’clock to midnight. An hour’s sleep in the evening is as relaxing as two hours’ sleep after midnight.

General Physical Tips

Nowadays, the cinema and television do not let us sleep in the first part of the night. Nervous exhaustion, general physical pain, and diseases such as sheik are produced. He advises patients to sleep ten hours a night and one hour daily. I have seen thousands of insomnia patients during his fifty years of practice. I have come to know that after overeating at night and before eating late, I get sleepy spots in the night, my mind is always busy and thinking in the middle of the night, and I am deprived of the pleasure of sleep and the patient with nervous weakness did not sleep last night.
Complain Patients with insomnia should go to bed at the appointed time, no later than 10 p.m. They should finish eating three hours before going to sleep. Do not listen to inspirational books and talks before going to sleep. Before going to sleep, the mind should be freed from all kinds of sorrowful plans and schemes. Hard workers can benefit by drinking lukewarm milk at bedtime.
It is helpful to give a light massage while sleeping to those with weak mental function and those with nervous weakness. Instead of staying up all night, getting two to three hours of sleep makes the brain work better.


Insomnia patients are urged to follow the above instructions, and I advise them to lie in bed for eighteen hours before starting the treatment. One spoon of Atrifal kashniz be mixed with four Rati oyster pearls and breakfast should be taken with fresh goat’s milk without breakfast.
On the second and third days, use the brains of animals and birds. After a walk at five o’clock in the evening, after a walk, take a boat conch or oyster pearls mixed with four spoon yeasts, six pieces of mash, and feed with it, almonds, eleven almonds, back, melons, badian. Six mashes belong to you.
You are poppy seed, three mashes. Rub sweet raisin with one spoon as a service and enjoy a good night’s sleep by sleeping 8 hours a week in a cape, reducing lying down by two hours every week

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