How Will You Always be Young-Tips for Stay Young?

Here are some amazing and valuable tips to help you stay young. You can also read beneficial tips for dieting and exercise here.

 14 Amazing Tips for Stay Young

1- The more you walk, the less likely you will find a ride. Walking is good for your legs, gasoline, and blood circulation in your veins. Exercise is all you need for your health; it is all done by walking.

2- Follow some rules while sleeping; it is better to sleep on your stomach. It is true that after sleeping, a person changes his crotch many times but starts sleeping from the back. This process does not cause wrinkles or shrinkage in the body for a long time.

3- Excessive sleep is not good for health, but sleep as much as you need daily. For example, 8 hours of sleep a night is essential. Don’t worry about the day’s activities while sleeping at night. Forget the stress, etc. and try to relax the body as well as the mind.

4- Try to have breakfast early every morning and use nutritious foods for breakfast.

5- Wash your face twice a day with lukewarm water. But be careful not to splash cold water on the face with hot water

6- After a long day’s work, clean face makeup with a cotton pad soaked in an entry cabinet or lotion cleanser. Before going anywhere in the evening, wash your face with cold water and apply foundation.

-7 After a minute of applying nail polish, it looks ugly and nasty. So always keep a bottle of nail polish with you. You can redecorate your hands with a bottle whenever you have a manicure.

8- If you go for a walk on the beach on hot days or if you go on a beautiful Monday, then walk barefoot on the dry sand. This will increase the enjoyment of the walk and will also strengthen your big toes.

9- Do not apply scent or perfume after wearing full clothes. Apply perfume on underwear before wearing full clothes. This way, the scent will stay in your body for a long time and at the same time, a pleasant feeling will keep you refreshed.

 10- Hot water in summer and icy water in winter is harmful to the skin. Bathing with cold water in summer and hot water in winter will not damage your skin, and you will feel calm.

 11- Have a shower in the bathroom or at home whenever you take a bath. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Continuing this process regularly will not make the skin harder.

12- Exercise that stretches from the knees to the hips can make your back flexible and more flexible.

13- Brushing teeth is also a principle of health. Brush twice a day. There will be no possibility of any oral disease in the morning and before going to bed at night, and the teeth will remain strong.

 14- Usually, people eat something sweet after eating. In that case, avoid eating sweets and use fresh fruit instead. Not only will this satisfy your cravings for sweetness, but it will also help you lose weight and gain energy.

To stretch the lashes for beauty.

 Take milk, put a flannel cloth in this warm milk, and put it on the eyes. Repeat this process no more than four times when the heat is gone. This will make the eyelids grow. And she will look beautiful.

 How To make Red and White

Boil mint leaves in an open mouth pot and then cover and place in the open. Then use a quarter cup of tea every morning. Soon your complexion will turn red and white.

How To Grow Nails

 1- If you want to grow nails, take garlic finely and apply its water on the nails while sleeping at night. Continue this process for a week. The nails will grow faster and stay strong.

 2- To make the nails strong and shiny, rub them on your palm, and the nails will be checked.

Hair shiny, thin, and thick

Use one of the following tips for hair growth and strengthening for a few days.

 1- Take berry leaves and make them thin like dust. Run them out. If I don’t use soap, it will make my hair shiny, thick and long.

 2- The mustard peel is also beneficial for scalp hair. Wash the head with mustard peel soaked in water for 2 hours before washing the head.

3- Dry, red and sweet and sweet and berry leaves we weigh four towels, boil in water and keep cool. This will make the hair darker after washing it every third day.

To Brighten Your Skin colour.

1- To whiten the complexion, apply natural honey on the face at night. This will also clear the spots on the face of pimples etc. And the colour will also be very bright.

2- Then, by grinding the vehicles in raw milk and rubbing it on the face, the colour becomes rough.

3- Lemons, caraway, one towel, olive oil, three almond oil, and one towel. The colour will fade in a few days.

Get rid of acne and pimples

After washing his face in the morning, he splashed cold water on their face. One of these will then disappear from the maha and the grain. Excitement will also be created on the other face.

Treatment of chapped lips

Lips often crack in the winter. And they look ugly. For this, raw cow’s milk applied to the lips will not release the lips.

The trick to darkening white hair

 Put a handful of dry aniseed in an iron pot and add water to it. Let it soak for a day. The next day, wash your head with this water.

Hair softening tips

Apply oil to the hair before bathing; it will soften the hair and thus strengthen its roots.

 Remove blemishes from the face.

 1- If you have acne on your face or any acne, what milk do you get on your face to get rid of it? It is better to notice the difference between the two times soon.

 -2Apply a little on the face before going to bed at night. This will keep the face soft. Both will be cleansed. Women with oily skin should not do this.

 ۔3Finely grind turmeric, mix it in yoghurt, then rub it on the face with hands like cream and wash it off after 15 minutes.

4-Apply melon pulp on the face and apply it; acne and freckles will disappear.

Fair nail cleaning tips

If your nails are fair, clean them by dipping them in a cup of water, and the nails will become shiny.

 To soften skin and soften the skin of the face.

 Put an egg yolk in a bowl and mix two teaspoons of Roman almonds. If you have oily skin, add drops of lemon juice to it. Shake it all from behind and mix it well. It will become smooth, and your homemade cream will be ready.

Apply it gently on the face and do this for ten to twelve minutes, then wash off with thirteen lukewarm water. In a few days, you will notice a big difference in your face, and your face’s beauty will remain with age.

Tips to get rid of dry face

First, soak the almonds in water and then rub it on the face when it is dry; take them off with your fingers. The dryness of the face will go away.

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