Make the Home Safe for Children.

Making your home safe for children is necessary and avoiding harmful home appliances from children.

Curiosity is a child’s nature, so it is essential to ensure that anything that stimulates the child’s curiosity does not cause harm. It is necessary to take care of the safety of children at home. Very young babies should constantly be monitored while sleeping, walking, playing, and drinking milk, whereas, at the age of four months, when the baby can take a nap, he must be watched more so that he can fall out of bed at any time.

You can also read about the importance of the mother for the baby here.

Kneeling babies need even more attention.

Because the child is primarily a victim, please do not leave anything out of his reach that could harm him.

Unless the child is sensible, there is a risk of many domestic accidents. Here are some tips to help you avoid a potential accident.

Caution in the kitchen

Don’t leave the baby alone in the kitchen; keep a constant eye on it. The number of children brought to the accident department daily who have been burnt by hot oil, boiling water, tea, or curry or cut with a sharp knife indicates that the kitchen is very unsafe for children.

 Try not to place hot items on the floor within reach of the child. When drinking tea, ensure the child does not grab it and throw it on him.

Caution near ceilings, stairs, windows

The number of children injured by falling from ceilings, stairs or windows is also very high in the number of accidents. In the days of Basant, many children fall from the roofs, and the fun turns into shadows. Be sure to build on the roofs and install grills for safety.

Falling down the stairs can injure a child’s brain, leaving a child in need for a lifetime. Install an ordinary wooden or iron gate at the top and bottom of the setters.

At the same time, teach the child how to climb the ladder at the appropriate age so that he can learn to get down and read the ladder as soon as possible.

 Keep windows closed that do not have grills. Grill them immediately. Please do not place furniture near unsafe windows so the child can easily reach the window by climbing on it. Since the world outside the window is very interesting for the child, caution is also required near these windows.

Caution in the bedroom or bedroom

 Experts believe infants under one year of age do not need to sleep on soft pillows. Leaving the baby in the mouth by leaning against it can cause the baby to sneeze at any moment. This can cause the baby to suffocate. Don’t leave small children alone in bed. Falling head injuries can damage the brain. Keep beds away from electrical plugs and sockets, wires and electric heaters.

Glass doors can also break a child’s head, and shattered pieces can severely injure children. Apply transparent tape to these glasses so that they do not fill when broken and do not cause damage.

 Caution In the bathroom

Harmful substances like water can be a death knell for young children if left unchecked. If, for some reason, a small child must go to see the telephone or the door while bathing, wrap the child in a towel and take it with you.

It has been observed that small children can drown in a small amount of water in a bucket. Sometimes a bucket is half-filled with water in the bathroom, and the child may fall on his face and drown in the curiosity of looking inside. Keep the hand room door permanently closed. Slipping and falling on the water can cause serious injuries, so keep the breeding floor dry and clean.

 Away Children from Electrical equipment

I take special care to protect children from hot ironing. Do not keep ironing out of reach of children in hot conditions. Do not let power lines get in the way. Wrap the wires after use. Children’s fingers are so tiny that they can be easily inserted into a socket in a wall.

To prevent this, tape the socket or place a table or shelf in front of them so that they are out of reach of children. The wire that runs under the carpet often rots from place to place. Repair these wires immediately. Do not use electrical appliances near water.

Make Ride Safe for Children

Children are the most mischievous whether on public transport or a bicycle, motorbike, scooter or motorcar. Protecting children from head injuries in open riding such as motorbikes, scooters, or bicycles is essential.

Special care should be taken by the government to make helmets the size of small children and to sell them cheaply. Be careful not to carry the baby on the mother’s lap in the front seat in the car. Children often stand in the car or write between the two front seats.

There is a risk of distracting the driver, and in the event of a collision, the child’s head may be disturbed. Also, refrain from hanging out the window or sticking your head or hands out. Do not leave the baby alone in the car.

Keep Harmful Substances Medicine out of the Reach of Children

Phenyl, detox, kerosene, and spirits are all highly toxic to clean the floor. Keep them out of the reach of children by locking them in a closet.

Young children have a particular fondness for putting everything in their mouths. In such cases, if the medicine of an adult is within reach of children, he can take it.

Most medicines are like children’s candies, so even older children may be deceived into eating them. Always keep medicine away from babies. Do not keep kerosene or any medication or anything dangerous to children in the bottle of syrup or cold drink.

Avoid Insecure toys to Safe for Children

Broken, raw coins, buttons and broken pieces of toys are a particular target of young children’s curiosity. This is something that children put in their mouths. If the thing is not detected from the mouth in time, there is a possibility of hearing in the respiratory tract. In addition, children bite in the middle of the back, lentils, peanuts, etc., in the ears or nose. See a doctor right away if something gets stuck in an organ.

Keep Away Medicine to Safe for Children

Usually, children do not take medicine when they get sick; they make a fuss. Many children shy away from going to the Doctor in case of illness. Fear of injections often makes them tremble. On the other hand, keeping ‘medicine’ at home under normal circumstances and keeping them out of the reach of children is a challenging step.

The doctor is very popular among children who play games at home. A child becomes a doctor. The rest of the baby’s marijuana, colourful pills and coloured water or syrup are used as medicine. It is also possible for children not to use home remedies for play. Don’t let the Doctor order the patient to take the medication in front of him; the poor patient will be forced to take some harmful medicine. Keeping medicine away from five children is a common phrase, but it is essential.

Children can take any medicine in their ignorance or sports. Even so, owning one is still beyond the average person’s reach. Some parents entice sick children who do not take medicine by saying that it is not made or that it is a delicious syrup.

Similarities can deceive children, but they think it is a waste. Now, if at some point they feel that the medicine pills are broken, or they drink Murray Murray syrup on their own, then it is unfair to blame them. Children are children. You can do anything, but you are not a child so take care of that.

  • Do not store unnecessary medicines in the house.
  • Keep essential medicines safe.
  • Explain to the children in a simple way that these are medicines. Not in food or drink.
  • Dispose of unused medicines.
  • Surplus medicines can be collected and donated to charities.
  • Don’t give up your right to free medical care, and don’t make your home a pharmacy. I checked the medicines kept. Be sure to use them for a certain period so that they can be discarded over time.
  • Keep medicines in special medicine containers. Leave labels on medicine bottles.
  • It is possible that despite your precaution if a child in his stupidity or forgetfulness takes any medicine, you do what is necessary for you and your child instead of cursing or beating him. Immediately check which medicine the child has taken. What can be the amount of style?
  • Don’t spend too much time reviewing. And take the baby to the hospital immediately. Bring that bottle or Doctor with you so that it is easy for the Doctor to prescribe treatment.
  • Don’t try to do anything on your own.
  • Sometimes, another medicine or some harmful substance can be taken instead of medication in case of a mistake; in this case, it is necessary to contact the doctor immediately and inform him about the fact.

 Today’s children are intelligent; they can easily understand the good and the bad. You can persuade them to stay away from drugs. If they want to play Doctor, they can be given toy devices.

The important thing is that the syringes used for injection in this game have hazardous potential. These syringes can be obtained from anywhere.

Therefore, strongly warn them not to keep used or unused needles in their home.

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