Don’t make baby food a problem

Here are some suggestions for baby food and taking care of your baby at mealtime. You should know how mother milk is important for the baby.

Many mothers complain that their baby is not eating well or that it takes too long to eat. Some children eat only a few things. It is challenging for them to eat anything other than these things. Some children start crying when they see food and do not see anything ready to eat.

How to Take Care of Your Baby Food While They are Eating

Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for baby

  • Never leave small children alone while eating.
  • Take them with you and take out their portion in a separate plate or bowl. This will give you an idea of ​​how much he is eating.
  • If the child can eat even a little, let him eat on his own; in this way, he will learn to eat and develop self-confidence. Try to eliminate as much of the food as you can.
  • Please keep your child’s meal times at home so that he gets used to it.
  •   In some families, the family stays up all day feeding the baby. This makes the child’s habits worse, and he does not feel hungry on time• When feeding the baby, your full attention should be only on the baby, it will make him interested from the time of feeding, and he will eat happily.
  • Do not place too much food in front of children.
  • Don’t make mealtime a battlefield. Never try to force-feed children. Instead, tell the child to eat it for me.
  • Place a limited amount of food in front of the child on the dining table and then ask him to eat a little of it. If he eats a little salad, a little meat and chapatti, let him do it.
  • If one night the child says that he is not hungry and he does not want to eat, then without saying anything to him, he will gradually be tempted to show himself hungry.
  • Some children eat very slowly. Give them a specific time to finish their meal.
  • Sit down and commend your child for eating because it’s a good habit. Children who eat while standing up eating all day, which is why they fidget at meal time. Because they don’t feel hungry because they eat all day.
  • Ask your child why they are not eating.
  • Some children eat only two snacks according to their physical needs. You can make these snacks rich in vitamins by adding less fat and fruits and vegetables.
  • Feeding the baby by making new food also attracts children to food. Always give the baby water after eating because if he drinks water first, it will reduce his appetite.

Divide Baby Food into Smaller Portions

Parents should evaluate the food given to their children and divide it into smaller chunks. The best way is to feed young and school-going children a little bit of all foods. On the way to school, children must eat half the fare of adult children. Some children naturally have a reduced appetite or feel less hungry.

 Be sure to Feed the Baby Something nutritious.

Kids usually like to eat cheese sandwiches and chit patty food. Such foods are suitable for children, but to keep them healthy and strong, parents need to feed their children fruit, TV and rice along with these foods.

Fruits and Vegetables add to Baby Food.

If the child refuses to eat vegetables, feed him fruits. If your child eats a vegetable full of nutrients, feed him instead of worrying. But if your child refuses to eat vegetables and fruits, then give your child vitamin syrup or tablets.

Some children complain about what to eat first and which vegetables they have not eaten. The simple solution is to let them eat what they want first.

Set Some Eating Habits in Baby

 If your child chooses to eat, clearly tell him what to do and what not to do during the meal, and he cannot get up from the dining table before the meal is over. Tell him that if he does not eat at mealtime, he will not be given hot food later.

Before Sitting Down to Eat, ask the Child if he is Hungry. Children who Overeat Food

Some parents complain that their children eat all the time. Many children spend most of their time playing physical games on TV and computer, because of which they are unable to use their energy and become obese.

Obese children not only find it difficult to make social friends. Instead, it can lead to serious physical problems, including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and joint and bone pain.

Don’t find baby food soft.

There are serious physical problems, including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and joint and bone pain.

If the child overeats.

1- If your child eats a lot, play with him and get him to exercise.

2- Feed children light and balanced food, but sometimes there is no problem in feeding chocolate and cake to children.

3- Set times for your child to watch TV, sit in front of the computer, and never put the TV in his room.

4. Give children at least five to six glasses of water daily. Also, give two glasses of milk and a glass of juice and fruit.

5- Make the mealtime interesting for your children and ask them what they like to eat. Which vegetables and backs look good and then give them something to eat according to their taste.

 Never make fun of your child because of his weight. Because it can make him suffer from some condition, if children in the school or neighbourhood get into it, talk to the teachers, coaches, and parents of the children in the school and try to correct their behaviour.

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