Importance of mother’s milk for baby

Mother milk is so important for birth babies. All mothers must feed their children for at least two years.
We get to know that with a lot of research,
no subsidiary can provide the vitamins and calcium which babies can get from their mother milk.

The benefit of mother milk.

Mother milk is a complete feed for children and provides the best integrants to children to make them healthy and strong.
Do you know when a mother feeds their milk to the child, it helps stop blooding from
the womb after delivery?
By providing their milk mother can also protect herself from various diseases such as breast cancer and osteoporosis.
Mother milk also creates a close relationship between child and mother, and you can observe that
majority of people have a good mutual understanding with their mother.
Mother milk is always ready to feed to their child, and this milk is pure rather than other milk, the
the temperature of mother milk is much more accurate and proper to the child’s requirement.
Milk is rich in all vitamins and calcium, the child can easily digest mother milk, and a child doesn’t face any infection due to milk

Mother milk lubricants benefits

Do you know essential fatty acid exists in mother milk which is more beneficial for a child’s brain, eyes
and blood vanes? This critical does not exist in animal milk but lives in the tetra pack of milk.

Mother milk protein benefits

In mother milk, a good amount of whey protein exists. This protein has some protein which can help
you to protect your child from infections. This protein is easy to digest and has a more negligible effect on allergies in children.
A mother who feeds cow milk to their child makes sure it’s harmful to her child because it contains
“Casein” make the milk thicker, which child can’t digest it quickly, and it can also disturb a child
digest system.

Best way to protect your child from infection.

Mother milk contains white blood cell, and also it includes a lot of anti-infective factors which is found to
protect a child with all types of infection, including meningitis, urine infection problems, digest infection,
breathing infection etc.
Mature milk is the actual milk of the mother which develops after some specific period. At mature milk time, the mother feels her breast hard and big.
Fore milk is also mother milk which starts touching the breast.

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