Helpful and Amazing Tips for Constipation Relief

Here are beneficial tips for constipation. You can also read easy tips for chest infection here.

Fruits relieve constipation. They regulate bowel function and prevent constipation. People use medicines to relieve constipation. A better tip for constipation is to use fruits instead of them. Apple orange, banana and strawberry are the constipation-relieving fruit, but the most significant properties are found in figs, grapes, apricots, raisins, and dates.

Helpful and Easy Tips for constipation

Eating fruits are a helpful and beneficial tip for constipation and are often used in anti-constipation drugs. Therefore, these fruits should be eaten in large quantities in the morning.

Use Pomegranate

Pomegranate is also very useful for true presentation. Therefore, open two or three pomegranates a day after presenting the patient, and the diarrhoea will stop.

Note: A splint is one in which the patient does not have suds in the intestines to find out whether there are suds.

The antidote to Jamal Gota (Croton tiglium)

Pomegranate fruit is an antidote for Jamal gota (Croton tiglium). Therefore, when the patient is hairless and does not restrain his hands in any way, then after ten minutes, feed the patient one handful of pomegranate seeds or one sip of pomegranate seeds. Jamalgota stops.

In addition, pomegranate seeds or water pomegranate seeds are used for various treatments. Pomegranate seeds are helpful even when blood comes with the troops. But it needs to be used fresh.

Use Berries

Squeeze the ripe berries into rose petals and drink

Note: Banana dates and almonds are also helpful in preventing blood clots.

Use Lemon juice

It is beneficial to use lemon juice when the stool is very painful and there is pus along with the stool. Even the sages have given permission to drink up to one and a half litre of lemon juice in a single day on this occasion.

If the juice of lemons is used in one and a half bottles, then the frustrated patients of dysentery get cured by it and then the curse is that there is no fear of harm.

Hands down

Lemons are a beneficial fruit for suppressing constipation.

 The trick is to mix lemon in one and a half litre of water with the sick patient when needed and mix it and drink it five to seven times a day.

Use Almonds:

Almonds are excellent for constipation. Almond oil constipation and millions of effects are known to every special and general.

Patients with a weak stomach should use almonds with the addition of fennel.

Mix seven handfuls of almonds with six handfuls of fennels and six handfuls of Egyptian powder and use it with warm milk at night while sleeping.

Or in the amount of three handfuls of almond oil, put it in homemade milk and drink it. The use of almonds for chronic constipation has been beneficial and practical.

Use Lime:

The juice of lime fruit is mixed with a bit of water and used several times daily to eliminate chronic constipation.

Use Apple:

Although apples are somewhat constipating, if the cause of constipation is the weakness of the back and stomach of children, then the use of apples proves to be constipating. In this case, one should eat three or four apples daily in the morning.

Use Guava

Eating well-cooked guavas after meals is beneficial, and if eaten before meals, they are constipating.

Use Figs

Figs are well-known for relieving constipation, especially for children. Figs are an excellent fruit. Advertising constipation is often added to bananas. If a banana is eaten or eaten, it is even more beneficial.

Use Palm

Palms also have the most significant feature of relieving constipation orange, banana, and Fruits like pineapple also have the property of relieving constipation.

Use Grapefruit

After almonds and figs, the most valuable constipation is grapefruit, the steel of which is not only limited to constipation, but with some period of use, it has strengthened the stomach and intestines so much that the habit of constipation and chronic constipation is stopped.

For this reason, at least one and a half pounds of grapes must be eaten daily. Nothing will be gained by using 15 grains daily.

In case of not getting fresh grapes, raisins can be used. But it should also be used in small amounts.

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