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Spreads are especially useful for strengthening the brain. Fruits high in phosphorus, such as apples, nourish the brain and nerves. The shape of the nut in the walnut is like that of the brain. The most effective and effective way to treat nerve weakness is to consume plenty of fruits.

Incredibly fresh and ripe grapes, apples, and pears. The use of bananas is beneficial. These fruits contain fresh and quick sugar. It is quickly digested and becomes a part of the body. With its help, it regains the lost energy and strength, and the brain is refreshed.

Weak Brain Diseases

If the blood does not reach all the parts of the brain or any part of it, then the lack of unity and nourishment weakens it.

 When the brain becomes weak, many other complaints arise. As a result, mental functions and powers such as memory, hearing and vision are impaired.

Sometimes it gets dark in front of the eyes. Buzzing sounds can be heard in the ears. Complaints of cold and flu can often remain.

Nature is disturbed, and there is a feeling of emptiness. Noise, heat, cold, the slightest effect, the headache becomes more, and so on.

All the sports in which the substance of phosphorus is found more, and the use of fruits and nuts is useful for ancient and modern medicine for weak brain defecation.

Therefore, the importance and greatness that apples and almonds have in stopping and strengthening the weakness of the brain are not hidden from the people besides the doctors.

 It has already been stated that almonds are unique in strengthening the brain. It can nurture and develop the essence of the brain and the effect awakening the powers of the brain.

In the same way, other nuts like walnuts, nuts, pistachios, etc., are also especially energized by the economic forces.

Healthy Nutritious Breakfast for the Brain

By making blood in the body and the face red, the world is full of strength, which gives power.

Almond ,kernels and cardamom

Recipe Preparation:

Soak all these items in a clay pot overnight and take them out in the morning, peel the almonds, separate the cardamom peel, and remove the palm fronds

Combine these items and mix them well like a sauce.

This delicious flavoured almond sauce is no less than a gourmet or fermented gauze tongue amber, primarily for strengthening the brain and nerves.

There is no better food and medicine for those who do mental work than this. In short, this delicious and healthy nutritious breakfast develops all the strengths of the body.

Note: those with weak stomachs do not easily digest Sauce. If digestion is weak, then start with half weight first. Eat lunch after it is fully digested.

Those whose digestive power is quite fast will be even better if they drink lukewarm milk one hour after using the Sauce.


Add one pound of fresh and sweet juice of ripe mango, one teaspoon of fresh cow’s milk and one teaspoon of ginger juice, mix all three well and drink it.

 Prepare it daily and use it. You can mix sugar according to your taste if you want.

Using mango juice in this way is nutritious. With a few weeks of continuous use, the weakness of the brain and the complaints that come with it, the chronic headaches, and the dark circles under the eyes disappear. It also strengthens the heart and liver.

Nourishing milk for the Brain

In addition to giving strength to the heart and mind, it is an elixir of power. In this way, we used almonds for suffering from mental retardation. students are still a big fan of this method of almonds. Here’s the trick.

Grind ten bags of almonds in water, take a fantastic sip, and mix it in half-full milk while boiling. If you come, take it out of the fire and cool it. 

It is also delicious and healthy nutritious food for the brain. It not only strengthens the fluid and the arm but also nourishes the whole body. Note: If this milk is drunk from the top by pouring two handfuls of cinnamon powder, it strengthens the brain and the memory.

Yeast Almond Silver

This is the only thing that strengthens the heart and mind;)

The same is true of the example.

  In addition to being extremely healthy, other organs give strength by removing the weaknesses of the fibre and providing power.

Knead well and give it ten times, making it soft like butter. Mix one foot of the song with asthma and make it thicker than syrup in half a cup of Egyptian syrup.

 And grind two handfuls of cardamom seeds in a mortar and mix them. it is a healthy breakfast. Use two to four mouthfuls in the morning and drink lukewarm milk.

Extremely good for heart and mind. Health is an extraordinary addition to the body. It is a food medicine for strength.

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Healthy Nutritious foods for the Brain

As mentioned earlier, the element of phosphorus is found in apples. Due to this, the apple has become nutritious brain food. Therefore, for those who work hard, apples are a blessing from God, and not taking advantage of them is tantamount to disbelief. “

After eating three or four apples a day, one should take dates of late milk value.


If you have insomnia at night, you should eat a mango and drink some milk late.


For epilepsy, guava, asparagus, and pomegranate juice are also somewhat beneficial. Still, Grape carbs are relatively more valuable and helpful for this disease, so in ancient times, the rulers of Europe used to use grapes to cure patients.

Grapes have also been found to be valuable and effective for cutting grapes. 


Ingredients Synthesis: Halila Yellow – Millila Kabli. ہلیلہ۔ Amla Astukhodus Saraik Three Tolas Yellow Cross One and a Half Tola

After sifting the medicine coat, grind it in a mortar, mix it on a sieve, and heat it a little.


Take freshly ripened grapes, extract their juice, and give it to the epilepsy patient in five towels three times a day.

 Grape juice consumption for two to three consecutive months is of immense benefit to the patient’s nervous weakness.

The most effective way to relieve muscle weakness is to use specific cells frequently. Especially fresh and leftover grapes, apples, pears, bananas, and other sugars are found. It is digested and becomes part of the body.

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