Skin Care and Makeup At The Same Time In Summer Season

In summer, skin care requires special attention. The most important thing is to protect the skin from sunlight. The sun shines brightly. It is also essential to take a bath every day.

 Sweating is frequent in summer, which makes the clothes stink. For this, it is better to take a bath twice in the morning and evening. Wear warm clothes in summer. And using a light needle. Darker colours are perfect for winter.

It is essential to know the texture of your face before applying makeup. The colour of the foundation cream should be one shade lighter than the colour of the face.

Familiarity with skin texture is also essential for skin care. If the skin is oily, do not use foundation cream.

Instead, use a foundation that comes from a powder or cake. If the skin is dry, you can use a cream foundation.

 Excessive sweating in summer makes the powder wet and sticks to the face, so apply powder on the front with a large loaf of bread from time to time.

Makeup and Skin Care in Summer

The most important thing for makeup is clean skin. Adequately covered, it will withstand a lot of adverse conditions.

First, wash your face thoroughly with soap and cold water, It is the basic step of skin care. If your skin is dry, then apply moisturizer cream. If your skin is runny, apply a UD clone soaked in a piece of bread; while applying makeup, make sure that everything is used sparingly.

 It is wrong to be generous with makeup. If you do not apply a lot of gauze or powder on the face, then all these will become cakes by soaking in the drink, and the mask will be suspected on the face. So it is permissible to touch the lips.

Sit in front of the mirror while applying foundation cream or summer lotion on the face.

Apply a little foundation cream on one finger and apply it on both cheeks, forehead, and nose. Then apply a little foundation on three fingers of both hands and start massaging the face.

Start massaging the cheeks with the fingers of both hands, making circles on the face. Fingers should point from bottom to top. If the fingers point from top to bottom, the skin of the face will sag. The foundation should be applied evenly on every corner of the face—eyebrows, wrinkled lips, and eyelids.

Wherever foundation cream is expensive, then comes the turn of the neck. Some women apply facial makeup and leave the nake untouched. This is a big mistake.

It feels terrible to have makeup on the face and neck without makeup. Also, consider the neck as a part of the face for makeup. When applying the cream on the neck, care should be taken that the movement of the fingers is from the back of the neck towards the day.

That is, from bottom to top. If you wear an open-neck blouse or Tamimi, apply the cream on the neck and neck as much as the neck.

Even if the part is open, massage it. It is essential to consider the texture of the face when applying makeup. If your face is broad and the roots are prominent, then you should have Elisa makeup on your face which will make your face look pale. There should be a foundation for this.

 Applying a darker foundation on both jaws reduces the width of the face. If your nose is wide, apply a deep foundation on both nostrils; it looks like a pouch. If your eyelids are heavy, apply a dark foundation on them, but this process requires expertise so that rust can be seen on the face separately.

These two colours are like this Make sure you don’t know where one colour ends and where the other begins. There should be no president between the two colours.

 Nowadays, the custom of applying oriental is disappearing, but if it is used with a noble rule, then the beauty of the face is enhanced. If your colour is red and white, you don’t need to be honourable, but white or yellow.

Besides this, lucky red also adorns the blooming and purple colours. There are two types of honor.

  • One comes in the form of a cake,
  • The other in the form of cream.

You must be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Oriental is a weapon that can be used to get rid of facial blemishes. Some people Usually applied on the upper part of the cheeks. But this formula does not apply to every face. Sitting in front of a mirror, you can see that the East will look better somewhere.

Sit in front of the mirror and smile. With a smile, Wherever the flesh of the face appears, the lace should be placed in the same place. Smiling often reveals the upper part of the cheeks.

Put a mark on the lower part of the eye to make a headline here. I put one spot on each side of this mark, and then I mixed these three marks with a powder leaf or a piece of bread. Move the powder to the side of the committee, and move the nose towards the mouth.

No more and no less. Always remember that less use of honour is better than less use. If you have pets in your cheeks, this is how you should use them to highlight them. Pull both cheeks inwards, as is done when sucking sweet pills.

This process deepens the pits of the cheeks. Now apply a little introduction from these pits with the index finger and then bring the cheeks back to their original condition. And from bread this heading up and down

Also, You can read about different facial makeup types here.

Spread sideways. Spread the yellow downwards and then upwards. Use a clean face to apply the powder. Apply the powder all over the face and on the lips and pores. Apply powder. Do not use frugally in applying powder.

Wait a few minutes. Oh no. Make sure the bread moves from top to bottom as you rub the powder off your face.

So that the powder settles on the skin, this is followed by powdered F or bread powder.

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