Everyday Hair Care at Home

Healthy hair is a symbol of beauty. Protecting your hair is very important to keep it healthy. That is why it is your duty you take complete care of your hair.

Vitamin B for hair. Very important Also, pay close attention to your diet. Avoid over-fried and unhealthy foods. Use oil sparingly. Dust stops hair growth. F

or that, I will tamper with it again on Saturday. Try not to use soap in the hair. Usually, women use soap instead of shampoo, which is very harmful to hair. Because caustic soda is used in it. Home remedy to keep hair thick, shiny, and beautiful

How to take care of your hair?

Do you have any hair? For this, you should take a complete look at your hair. Then take total care of them. Remember that if your hair is starting to get damaged, that is, if the scalp is swollen and looks dry and lifeless, it means that you have not taken total care of it.

Even after you leave them unmanaged, they can be gone astray and lose the right path. After which, you will have great difficulty in getting your hair back to its original state, so it is better that you take care of your hair. There are usually three types of hair. ěž

  • Smooth hair
  • Dry hair
  • Normal hair.

Hair Care For Smooth Hair

Greasy hair is usually the type in which grease is constantly released. Excess sebaceous glands increase the average amount of fat in the hair. Girls who have smooth hair are more likely to have their hair styled. Because they also shampoo daily, but after a few hours, the hair gets greasy again.

This is the cause of B-Permian. Is. Also, beat the egg and yoghurt and apply it to the scalp and after half an hour, apply it. After washing the head, squeeze a lemon in a bit of water, increase the use of water and juice in food, and reduce the consumption of greasy foods.

Hair Care for Dry Hair

Curly hair looks rough and lifeless. If dry hair is not protected, then hair loss will start after some time, so protection of dry hair is essential. If the Nile Bear is not protected, the goods begin to dry out. Yes, drying can involve many things.

This usually involves excessive use of the removal spray, using the page perm and increasing the demand on the back, not adding oil and using the wrong shampoo, which causes the hair to start drying out.

 Now, if you feel that your hair has become very dry and the hair is not living, then you should stop using the things causing this; if you have had your hair done and your hair is damaged, you will not have it done again. Apply oil to hair regularly. Whatever oil suits you, including coconut olive oil or mustard oil. Massage the oil into the hair very well at night. In the morning, beat an egg very well, put it in the hair, leave it for half an hour, then take it in hot water and wrap it around your head.

When it has cooled down, wash your head with a good drip, then brush about half of the odour in your hair. Apply egg to the hair in about 15 grains every week for the day of shampooing. Use conditioners after shampooing. After that, wash the hair thoroughly with clean water so that the conditioners do not remain in the hair.

Hair Care For Normal hair

 Snail pie, straight, coarse, fine hair of all styles can be coconut. Normal hair is that type of hair that can be set in any style. Not too greasy and too dry, they are healthy hair. But even if they are not adequately cared for, they can become dry.

As a result, good hair care can help them maintain their health and well-being. Shampooing twice a week and using hair conditioners regularly is highly beneficial.

Using hair conditioners for all types of hair is very important. It eliminates the lack of natural lubrication.

Regular use of oil Is less. It gives hair strength, shines and so on. Protecting normal hair is just as crucial as protecting dry hair. These tips will keep the hair healthy.

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